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Grape Valley

Grape Valley: General Introduction

Grape Valley is located close to the Flaming Mountains. The area around Turpan is known for its wealth of fruit orchards and vineyards and in the late summer, the grapes are ripe and this is a wonderful time to visit the valley.

The Grape Valley itself consists of a trail of thick vines and trellises surrounded by stark desert. There is a winery here and some well ventilated brick buildings for hanging grapes. Two types of wine are produced in the area: a rich dark red port-like drink, and a lighter more fruity white wine. Both wine and raisins are exported in large quantities from Turpan. There is a grape festival here in August with singing, dancing and eating.

Backed by the mountains and lying alongside the river, Grape Valley is a pretty little spot to stop for a rest. Inside the complex, there are dining halls serving food and ethnic handicrafts.

Grape Valley Travel Tip

Admission Fee: CNY60

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