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Getting Around In Turpan

Grapes are the most famous local products in Turpan. Due to the special location and weather conditions of Turpan, the grapes in Turpan contain more sugar than those of the other places. Additionally, raisin, wine and other products made of grapes are tasty too. They are easy to carry and keep and are popular souvenirs among visitors. Gaochang Road and Laocheng Road are the most bustling shopping areas in Turpan. Turpan Shopping Mall and some restaurants as well as recreational places all gather in this area. Besides, there is the largest commercial and agricultural market on the southern part of Laocheng Road where visitors can purchase beautiful local artifacts as well as local specialties.

Turpan Raisins

Turpan is located on the low basin in the central Xinjiang. The high temperature, long sunshine duration and large temperature differences between day and night make Turpan a paradise for the growing of grapes. Usually, the Turpan grapes refer to seedless white grapes which are excellent materials for making raisins and their secret method is the Shade House (Yinfang). The grapes hanging in the Shade Houses will change into delicious raisins by the function of the natural hot wind. With the green and fresh color, the Turpan raisins enjoy the reputation of “Green Pearl in China.”

Xinjiang Fruits & Melons

Turpan is the fruit paradise in North China. The unique natural environment creates the most suitable condition for the growing of various fruits. Apart from grapes, Hami melon is also a kind of classic fruit in Turpan. When you taste the local Hami melon in Turpan, you will fully understand why it is called “The King of Melon.” Besides, the almonds in Turpan are also tasty. Every September, the almond gardens will become top choices. Generally speaking, there are over 100 kinds of fruits in Turpan. For those fruit lovers, Turpan can offer a feast of fruits to satisfy them.

Colorful Uygur Caps

The colorful caps of Turpan, called “Duopa” in Uyghur language, are necessities in Uyghur people’s daily life. What’s more, the colorful caps are also nice gifts for friends and family members. Generally, the colorful caps are a traditional as well as unique handicraft of Uyghur people. However, different regions have their own features when making the colorful caps. In Turpan, the caps have big flower designs, narrow bottom and bright colors. They are quite popular among the local elder people, which is a rare phenomenon in the whole Xinjiang area.

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