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Ancient City Of Jiaohe

Ancient City of Jiaohe: General Introduction

The ancient, ruined city of Jiaohe stands isolated on a 30-meter-high plateau in the Ya’ernaizi Valley, 10 kilometers east of Turpan. The ancient city of Jiaohe is situated on an island between two rivers and the name for the area means “the confluence of two rivers”. The whole city stretches about 1,650 meters from south to north, and 300 meters from east to west. Jiaohe Ancient City was initially built about 2,000 years ago and was controlled by the residents of Gaochang for a long period of time.

Today, the ancient city of Jiaohe is a well-preserved site and a more atmospheric spot to wander and imagine times gone by than the city at Gaochang. Well-preserved temples, pagodas and streets are dotted around. A Buddhist monastery marks the center of the city and there are some ancient filled wells here too. The crumbling sand colored walls of the buildings reflect the color of the desert and the surrounding sand dunes.

Ancient City of Jiaohe Travel Tips

Admission Fee: CNY40

Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00

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