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GCT, Service with Heart & Soul

Grand China Travel is a product of Xi'an Trekinfini International Travel Service Co., Ltd, operating China inboud tours. It is based in Beijing, the capital city of China with branch offices in all the major cities in China. Our regional offices are located all across China, in Shanghai, Lhasa, Kunming, Xian, Urumqi,Chongqing, Guilin as well as all the other cities mentioned in our destination guide. The team of Grand China Travel is China tourism industry's most experienced, most of our local office managers have been operating overseas groups for more than 20 years. We are adept at arranging trips for couples, families, groups of friends. Our tailor-made itineraries can meet the needs of any particular aspects.

Grand China Travel is trying to be the most comprehensive online travel service in providing China Tour Packages; China City Packages; Adventure Travel Packages; Car & Bus Rental. Our destination guide service includes not only introductions on sightseeing attractions, but also city life. Grand China Travel is dedicated to be the most comprehensive info sources for each city in terms of attractions, featured restaurants, religious institutions, bars and tea houses, concert halls, transportations and night entertainments, etc.

Grand China Travel’s online reservation for China tours, hotel & flight is the best example of business to business in the tourism industry. Your direct booking with Grand China Travel eliminate the involvement of intermediaries, surely it saves your time and money.

Grand China Travel will provide you with our most professional service in the process of tour consulting, booking and after sales service. Of course our focus will be at service during tours. Our professionalism in this field will enable you to have a trouble free tour of China.

What can Grand China Travel promise to you?

Your safety
Grand China Travel places a high premium on ensuring you a safe journey. From the time you arrive in Chinatill your departure, you will be given an English Speaking Hotline number to answer your questions and help to solve your problems. It is compulsory that every Grand China Travel traveler subscribes to travel insurance from arrival till departure.

Money for Value
Grand China Travel provides China Packages with unbeatable price for value. Our price is perhaps the lowest, but our service is always the highest.

Trouble Free Service
Once you purchase Grand China Travel tours, you will enjoy a trouble free China trip. From the moment you enter China till your departure, you will be escorted by our professional tour guide who will be baby-sitting you almost 24 hours a day; he or she will be helping you in hotel check in, sightseeing, shopping, dinning and entertaining.

Our tour packages are tailor-made professionally and published online. Shall you add your places of interests to our regular packages? It is just OK. Once you purchase our tours, we respect our contract. However, if you want to make some changes when the tour is going on, just feel free to do so. What you need to do is just giving our guide a written form of letter of agreement.

Why travel with Grand China Travel?

We are professionals
Grand China Travel staff is the most experienced in China travel industry. Most of Grand China Travel members started to join the tourism industry in 1980’s after China opened its door to the outside world. InTibet and Xining, our staff members are Tibetans, in Xinjiang, our staff members are Uyghurs and inMongolia, our staff members are Mongolians. They know their place and they know their people

In places like Beijing and Shanghai, we choose hotels up to international standard to deliver the standards of service and luxury that international travelers expect. We use international brand name hotels such as CrownPlaza; Shangri-La; Hyatt; Sheraton; Holiday Inns. However, in Western China, or remote areas of China, Grand China Travel is using the best available local hotels with basic facilities. For your info, all 5-star and 4-star hotels we are using have experienced English speaking staff at reception and housekeeping. However, all the 3-star hotel staff can hardly understand English. Therefore Grand China Travel Tour Guide will help you check into hotel, bring you to your room and show you the room facilities.

As you travel throughout China you will find that each region has its own special flavor. In big cities likeBeijing and Shanghai, some of China's - and the world’s - best chefs cook absolutely delicious meals. Grand China Travel arranges meals at some of the most famous restaurants in China for you to taste China’s 5000 year old food culture. In Beijing we will try Peking Roasted Duck at the time honored restaurant of Quanjude; in Xian we will try the Dumplings Banquet at Defachang Restaurant where dumplings banquet were started. The rest of restaurants we choose during tours are carefully selected not only for the food and service quality, but also the atmosphere of the restaurant, its cleanliness, and how authentic the locals think it is. So you can be sure that when you dine with Grand China Travel, you are experiencing the best that place has to offer. General speaking, we arrange lunch during tours at local restaurant at the convenience of sightseeing. We leave your dinner on your own to explore the local food culture. Grand China Travel Tour Guide will be very glad to help you to choose the local specialty upon your request. You may also search restaurants at our destination guide.

Dependent on the size of the group, we use spacious Chinese produced Limo of Red Flag or VW Santana 3000 for 2 or 3 passengers; Toyota Hiace Van for 4-6 passengers; King Long buses for over 7 passengers. When we select vehicles we consider not only the space of the vehicle which can allow moving around in the vehicle, but they also allow opportunities to socialize or relax. We use drivers who maintain good safety records for all our journeys.

Tour guide
Tour guides in China we pretty well managed by government tourism administrations of the local city. General speaking, tour guide are all well educated and most of them of holding bachelor’s degree in languages or tourism. To obtain a tour guide license, guide need to pass quite a few exams including language (both written and oral), history and geography and of course tour related subjects. Grand China Travel has its own team of tour guides with good knowledge of language, deep understanding of China and most important all, good service attitude.


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