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As one of the most famous and spectacular towers in China, the Yellow Crane Tower is a "must-see" in Wuhan. Originally it wa built in AD 223, during the Three Kingdoms Period as a Wu Kingdom military tower. The tower was destroyed several times in history and is today rebuilt one kilometre (0.6 mile) from its original site. The Yellow Crane Tower is 52 metres high with five stores and the architecture of the existing tower is from the Qing Dynasty and it was completed first in 1985. Placed on…
Hubei Provincial Museum is located in the shore of East Lake of Wuchang in Wuhan. Its construction area reaches 42,532 square meters, the exhibition hall covers an area of 13,427 square meters with 200,000 pieces or sets of cultural relics, among which there are about 1000 pieces or sets of First Grade Cultural Relics, making it rank in the forefront of the provincial museums in China. Its exhibition hall consists of comprehensive exhibition hall, Chu culture center and Chime Hall. Its overall construction layout reflects the high-profile construction layout format,…
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