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Ancient City Of Gaochang

Ancient City of Gaochang: General Introduction


The ancient city of Gaochang was the capital of Gaochang Kingdom. The ancient city of Gaochang was built in the 1stcentury BC and abandoned in the late of 13th century AD. Although it has suffered natural erosions heavily for the past 2,000 years, the ancient city still keeps its original outline. The ancient city of Gaochang is located 40km east ofTurpan City, at the foot of Flaming Mountain.



To the northwest of the ancient city of Gaochang, there is a large scale temple. It is said that when Xunzang, the eminent monk in Tang Dynasty, stopped at this temple on his journey to the west and taught Buddhist sutra here for a month.



The ancient city of Gaochang consists of three parts: the inner city, the outside city and the palace city. Most of the buildings were destroyed by the wars in the late 13th century. At present, the two temple ruins in the outside city are comparatively well preserved: one is on the southwestern corner and the other is on the southeastern corner. Additionally, the inner city contains an irregular-shape castle which is also known as Khan Castle by the locals.



Ancient City of Gaochang Travel Tips

Admission Fee: CNY40

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00

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