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Turpan Travel Tips

Turpan is a city where majority population are Uyghurs and they are Muslims. Therefore it is very easy for Muslims to travel around Turpan, mosques and Halal restaurants can be found everywhere. IslamiChina has summarized the following Turpan Muslim travel tips to our Muslim brothers and sisters to travel Turpan during a short period of time.

Tour Itinerary Planning

Turpan can be reached by train from Dunhuang or by train from Urumqi. However, if you are in Urumqi, the better way to travel to Turpan is by bus. The distance between these two cities is only 140km. There are ruins of two ancient cities in Turpan, one is Gaochang Ancient City City, the other is Jiaohe Ancient City, choose one to visit. The Grape Valley is worth visiting as you can also visit local Uyghur Muslim families there. The Karez system is one of the greatest inventions in this oasis city which keeps water from evaporation. The Emin Minaret is a very unique mosque typical of Xinjiang Uyghur architecture.


Most hotels in Turpan have Halal restaurants. Therefore, just pick up a hotel you like in Turpan.

Halal Restaurants in Turpan

Since majority people in Turpan are Uyghur people and Uyghur people are Muslims, Kashgar is the easiest city in China to find Halal restaurants. Of course, all Halal restaurants in Kashgar serve Xinjiang Uyghur Cuisine.

Mosques in Turpan

Among all the mosques in Turpan, the Emin Minaret mosque is the most famous. The exquisitely formed minaret with its helmet-shaped top is one of the most famous examples of Muslim architecture in Xijiang. The Emin (or Imin) Minaret (or Su Gong Ta) is located a short distance east of Turpan.

Money Exchange

You can exchange traveler's checks or cash at most banks, and most 5-star and 4-star hotels always have a money exchange counter. You can also get a cash advance on your credit card on ATM machine. The exchange rate all over China are the same fixed by Bank of China. To change money, you have to have your passport at hand. If you want to change money in a hotel, you usually have to be a guest there. Sometimes if you are not a guest in a hotel but need to change money there, you can just say a random room number, but this doesn't always work. Remember to keep the exchange slip well because you need this slip to change the Chinese Yuan back to your currency if you do have this need at the end of the tour. At present, the RMB is not exchangeable on the International market, so it is only usable within the country. So when you are changing money, don't change too much, because it is difficult to change back into other currencies. To change RMB back into your home currency, you must retain the exchange slips that are given to you at the bank or money exchange counter.

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