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Dining In Turpan

The same as Urumqi food, Turpan food includes many kinds of cuisine, such as Cantonese Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Xinjiang food and Muslim food and so on. Grapes and Hami melon there are well known in the market and loved by both domestic and overseas customers for their sweet and juicy taste.
Turpan Featured Food:
The Roasted Whole Lamb
the roasted whole lamb is a well known dish in Xinjiang that can compete with Beijing Style Roast Duck and Crispy Skin Suckling Pig in Guangzhou. The authentic dish is sold on the bazzrs of all kinds in the places like Kashi and Hetian in the south of Tianshan Mountain and you can smell the fragrance from away. The roasted whole lamb is famous and expensive mainly because of the unique cooking method in addition to the strict material selection and the lamb produced in Xinjiang is free of general lamb smell and the meat is very delicate enjoying a wide spread fame on the meat market domestic and abroad.
The Baked Baozi
Baked Baozi (called "Shamusa" in the Uighur Language) the Thin Skin Baozi(called Pitertuman in the Uighur language) are two foods weel received by the ordinary Uighur people and they are mainly sold in the dining houses and food stalls on the bazzrs both in the city and the countryside. They are very similar to the meat nipping Chinese cake of Beijing and the Goubuli Baozi in Tianjin which are very popular among the customers. The baked Baozi has a golden oily color and the skin tastes crispy while the meat tastes delicate and very delicious with fragrance.
The Musilaisi
Musailaisi is a kind of drink popular among the ordinary Uighur people in the southern part of xinjiang. And this kind of drink is totally made out of fresh grapes but is not wine we generally know. It has the color of light coffee and tastes light sour and sweet and smells fragrant. It is considered to be a crack cordial full of nutrition and the local Uighur people call it "Dola" which means medicine in Chinese. Musilaisi contains a little bit alcohol and has the function of muscle stretching and blood activating. 
The Cooked Chopped Entrails Of Sheep
The cooked chopped entrails of sheep are mixed braised the entrails of the sheep like the heart, liver, stomach and intestines and so on. "The three materials", "the three soups" and "the three tastes" are put emphasis on when cooking chopped entrails of sheep. And the three materials of the chopped entrails are further divided into the main material and the assistant materials and whether the main material and assistant materials are well prepared is the central task of a bowl of cooked chopped entrails of sheep. 
The Flavored Rice With Lamb
Flavored rice with lamb is called "Polao" in the Uighur language and the raw materials include rice, mutton, carrot, onion and clean oil(plant seed oil). There is a wide variety of flavored rice with lamb and people not only choose mutton to cook flavored rice. They also choose the beef, the meet of horse, the chicken, the goose meet, the meat of now chicken and wild chicken and so on.
The Thin Skin Baozi
The thin skin Baozi is called "Pitimanta" in the Uighur language and is made by selecting top class mutton as the stuffing and is a food popular among the Uighur people. The skin of the thin skin Baozi is white and oily and is as thin as a piece of paper. The stuffing is very delicate and oily and is accompanied with the fragrance and sweetness of Xinjiang onion (Piyazi in the Uighur language) and tastes refreshing and delicious. 
The Powder Soup
Powder soup is a flavored snack of the Hui people in Xinjiang and every family of the Hui people will cook the powder soup on Corban Festival or the Norus Festival to treat the visiting guests and relatives. The powder soup tastes fresh and delicious and a little bit spicy, meeting the taste of the people in the northern part of China. The cooking method is not complicated but it is no easy job to cook very good powder soup. 
The Boiled Mutton Eaten By Hands
Similar to the flavored rice with lamb, the boiled mutton is also eaten by hands. If we say that the flavored rice with lamb can still eaten by chopsticks or small spoons, the boiled mutton has to be eaten by hands, or else you can not eat it.
The Oily Tower Like Cake
The oily tower like cake, known from the name, is a kind of cake with the shape of a tower and made by flour and it is a well received oily flour food among the Hui people and the Uighur people. In general, the Hui people eat it at breakfast together with powder soup in the morning. It is white and oily with very thin skin and delicate and clear layers. It is fragrant, soft and oily but not greasy. It is considered to be a delicious food suitable for people of all ages. 
Best Recommendation:
On Bizaklik Road, there is a local snack street-Guanghui Street. Visitors can find cheap, but delicious, local snacks in a very wide range of selections. And the restaurants in Turpan offer you the best dishes which have a strong Uygur flavor. All of the local food exudes a sweet aroma and is waiting to be enjoyed by you!
Furthermore, Dongmen Market in Ya'er Town would also be a good option for snack hunters. The snacks there, with a Uygur flavor, would also satisfy their tastes.
Bus No.1 will take you to Dongmen and you will find the market nearby.
Opening Hours: 9:00-24:00
The restaurants in the Oasis Hotel, which is located in Qingnian Street, offer you a great variety of table delicacies. There are four different restaurants there, including the Muslim Restaurant, Han Restaurant, Western Restaurant and Flavor Restaurant. You will find your own tasty delights easily amongst the attractive dishes on offer. 
Recommended dishes: Roasted Lamb, Kebabs, Zhua Rou (Mutton Eaten with Hands), Braised Mutton.
A snack street in Turpan
A snack street in TurpanRed Rose Restaurant which is located on Gaochang Road is the best folk restaurant which has food with a special flavor. Furthermore, the decoration in it follows the unique style of the Uygur residents.
Address: No.551, Gaochang Road
Baiyang Restaurant is the best option for you to taste the genuine Zhua Fan (Rice Eaten with Hands).
Address: Outside the Railway Station of Shanshan County, to the east of Turpan City
Fang Ling Xuan Restaurant is a Moslem restaurant offering the customers Specialty Dishes of Xinjiang as well as Sichuan and Guangdong Cuisines.
Address: North of Bizaklik Road, Turpan City
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