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Solitary Beauty Peak And Jingjiang Prince City

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Solitary Beauty Peak (the Duxiu Peak) is a creation of Mother Nature that greatly deserves its name. As a major Guilin scenic spot, Solitary Beauty Peak is a natural landmark standing at the center of the ancient Mansion of Prince Jingjiang. The mansion, a royal and noble family dating from the Ming Dynasty, lies near the center of modern Guilin.
Composed of limestone from shallow sea sedimentary biochemistry 350 million years ago, Solitary Beauty Peak with 66 meters height above the ground got its fame when the famous poet Yan Yanyuan in Southern Dynasty once said "The beauty of the peak is so unique that others fail to match it". 306 stone steps leads from the west foot up to the top of Solitary Beauty Peak, where visitors can get an overview of Guilin scenery, Li River and surrounding mountains.
The famous Chinese saying "the scenery of Guilin is the best under heaven" is first caved on the Solitary Beauty Peak. For its deep and imposing characteristic, Solitary Beauty Peak is reputed as “the Pillar holding up the Southern Sky” in south China.
There are some fantastic attractions in Solitary Beauty Peak Area that you cannot ignore.
Solitary Beauty Pavilion (Duxiu Pavilion) located at the top of the hill is a 7-meter-high, where officials and royal people used to relax in ancient times. Visitors should climb up the hill by stone steps to reach the Solitary Beauty Pavilion.
Dushu Cave (Reading Cave) on the eastern foot of the peak looks astonishingly like a stone room with natural windows and beds. It was said to have been a shelter to the famous Guilin governor and writer Yan Yanzhi.
The western foot of the peak is also the place where to see the Taiping Cave (Peace Cave) covering an area of 140 square meters. The cave is like a spacious room on top of which is covered by peculiar-looking shapes of stalactites and different kinds of poets. Among all the landscape stones, the cliff inscription "Taisui" is the most miraculous.
Quick Facts on Solitary Beauty Peak
• Name: Solitary Beauty Peak
• Location: Downtown Guilin
• Phone: +86-773-2800318 
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3 Hours
• Opening Hours: 07:30-18:30 
• Admission Fee: CNY 130
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