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Dining In Guilin

Guilin's central location in Ling Nan has given it a cuisine that is influenced by the food of Canton, Sichuan, Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, and Fujian. In recent years, however, Sichuan and Cantonese dishes have become the most popular. The development of tourism, too, has had an effect on eating habits, as local snack foods are enjoyed by tourists from around the world.
One must-try local specialty is Guilin rice noodles ( Guilin mi fen), which is served just about everywhere, while horse hoof cake ( ma ti gao) is ideal for a mid-morning snack.
Stewed duck with gingko is a traditional dish thought to be a remedy for lung problems. Gingko, cubes of duck meat, ham slices, and other ingredients are steamed in braising cups. The result is light but savory soup in which the tender duck meat contrasts pleasantly with the smooth, slightly slimy texture of the gingko.
Lipu taro pork is made up of Lipu taro, pork, this dish preserved bean curd, and various other ingredients. The pork and taro cubes are fried separately and then steamed together, so each piece is golden on the outside and soft and flavorful on the inside. Health benefits of this dish include extinguishing any "fire" (inflammation) in your body and improving your complexion.
Guilin Food Stewed clams and chicken is an award-winning dish of the region. A chicken, a pair of clams, preserved longan, and slices of ham are stewed with other ingredients in a covered porcelain pot for two hours. This mellow-flavored dish has many healthful benefits.
Lo Han boiled chicken, as the name implies, is steamed with traditional Chinese herb like Lo Han Kuo, astragalus, and codeonopsis pilosula. This refreshing soup can help to lower blood pressure.
Fried chicken with water chestnut uses local water chestnut, quality chicken, fresh mushrooms, and other special ingredients. This dish is delicious and beautiful as well.
Duck wrapped in lotus leaf is very tasty and healthful. First, the duck is fried to a golden brown. Then cubes of lean pork, bamboo shoot, ham, taro, and mushroom; green beans; and shrimp are stir-fried with seasonings and stuffed into the duck, which is then wrapped with a lotus leaf and steamed. The unique fragrance of the lotus leaf permeates the tender duck meat, making this dish especially delicious.
Steamed pork with rice flour wrapped in lotus leaf is a traditional homemade dish. The pork is boiled and then stir-fried with soybean sauce, dipped into mung bean flour, wrapped in a lotus leaf, and steamed. The dish is rich but not greasy and helps to lower cholesterol.
Guilin Restaurants Recommendation´╝Ü
Yiyuan Fandian
Nanhuan Lu 106
Phone: +86 773 282 0470
Yiyuan Fandian is one of the top Chinese restaurants in Guilin, known for its spicy Sichuan cuisine. It is popular with visitors and locals and comes with a huge menu with goodies like spicy, diced chicken, sweet-and-sour fish dishes, and a decent range of sweet desserts.
Zaowangye Xiangwei Ju
Nanhuan Lu 96
Phone: +86 773 282 7769
Zaowangye Xiangwei Ju, or Vesta Restaurant in English, is based on Yao and Zhuang cuisines with an emphasis on Guilin spices and ingredients. The free-range chicken soup ( shancun tuji) and the bamboo cooked rice ( zaliang zhutong fan) are specialties.
Yiren Lu 1-1
Phone: +86 773 281 0063
Rosemary Café has consistently been voted the top Western restaurant in town on account of its fantastic menu, and, in particular, the tasty breakfasts. It is located near the Sheraton Hotel and Zhengyang Pedestrian Street although tends to be packed out for most of the day. 
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