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Shopping In Guilin

Guilin has various kinds of local special products, with the "Three Treasures of Guilin" being the first recommended in most local specialty stores.  The "Three Treasures of Guilin" consists of Guilin Chili Sauce, Fermented Beancurd and Three-Flower Liquor. Every person who goes to Guilin opts to take them back to enjoy.  The recipes of the Three Treasures have very long history, and these three treasures, made using these techniques, have long been well-known home and abroad. Now there are small "Three Treasures" package sets and large three treasures package sets, which are convenient for clients to take home. Shopping districts in Guilin includes Zhongshan Lu, Xinchenglu Pedestrian Street, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Bagui building, Guilin Department Store and Xiaoxianggang Commercial Street. These streets have shops and vendors catering to all budgets. The local art are another attractions when you are shopping in Guilin, such as landscape paintings, wood and bamboo sculptures, hand-painted folding screens etc. Among them, the stone sculptures and jade sculptures are the most famous.

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