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Getting Around In Guilin

Guilin, as a dynamic city, has a variety of transportation means, such as the international and domestic airlines, the comfortable and punctual long-distance coaches and the reasonably-priced trains. Besides, there is an abundance of transportation in Guilin and its surrounding areas, making it easy to get around. The efficient public transportation system is composed of a reliable railsway and an economic long distance bus service. Besides, hiring a reasonably priced taxi is also a nice option, although renting a bike is said to be the best way to get around Guilin. If time is not a factor, you could also walk through the city and take a seat amidst the beautiful scenery.

Guilin Liangjiang International Airport
Guilin Liangjiang International Airport lies in the Southwestern part of Guilin, 28km from downtown. After the airport began to serve travelers on October 1, 1996, it currently has a passenger handling capacity of 5 million people per year. Currently, Guilin has 48 air routes including Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing, and Guangzhou. It also offers many international air routes to Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok and Seoul.

Guilin Railway Station

Guilin Railway Station is also called Guilin South Station, which is the major passenger transport station in Guilin. This station is renewed in 2005 and thus the handling capacity is greatly enhanced. The trains stop in this station can lead to almost every major city in China. Guilin Initial Station is also called Guilin North Station. Till now, it has opened lines to Beijing and Shenzhen.

Getting around Guilin by City Bus

The public transport system in Guilin City is quite convenient, which can extend to very corner of this city. Generally speaking, the buses in Guilin are automated collection buses and the ticket fare is 1.2 yuan. As to the buses to suburb or air-conditioned buses, the fare is 2 yuan

Getting around Guilin by Taxi
Taking a taxi is the most comfortable, easiest and most secure way of getting around Guilin City. Simply wave your hand and a taxi will stop for you. Prices vary by county but are usually very cheap. The meter should always be activated. You can order a taxi from your hotel and ask the concierge to write down your destination on a card. Pay the driver upon arrival. Tipping is not the custom in China.

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