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The Stone City

The Stone City of Tashkurgan is one of the three well-know stone cities in ancient China. The Stone City is to the north of Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County and it is a famous ancient city ruins in Xinjiang. The Stone City was the joint place of the middle path and southern path of ancient Silk Road. Besides, several paths leading to Pamirs from Kashgar, Shache and Yecheng would converge at this place. In Han Dynasty, it was the capital city of Puli Kingdom, one of the 36 Kingdoms in West Region. In Tang Dynasty, the central government pacified the West Region and sent officers to guard the place. Then in early Yuan Dynasty, the Stone City was expanded. In Qing Dynasty, the government set up Puli Office here and established a new town to the south of the Stone City. Gradually, the Stone City was abandoned. Tourists who want to visit Tashkurgan should obtain a Border Pass in Kashgar Public Security Bureau.

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