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Karakul Lake

Karakuri Lake, located at an elevation of 3600 meters and covering an area of ten square kilometers, can be found at the foot of the Mushitage Glacier east of the Pamirs in Xinjiang. It is the largest among many lakes in the Pamirs, both wide and deep. Its endless reflecting blue and ebony deceive the astonishing depths of up to 30 meters. Karakuri means black in the Uygur language, and it is from these dark abyssal waters that it gets its name.

From a far distance, the lake is surrounded by mountains and reflects a silvery light, but when approached, Karakuri becomes very quiet and solemn. The grand Mushitage, Gonger and Gongerjiubie peaks invert and mirror in water, creating a landscape both on land and in water. The lake and the hills add radiance and beauty to each other. It is very quiet here. The grassland nearby grows luxuriantly, and one will often spot a shepherd from Kazak or Kerkuzi herding sheep or stationing here. There is service center of wooden houses and yurt that offers respite for mountaineers who have been braving the wide open.

The most amiable seasons for spending a holiday are spring, summer and fall. Hikers and tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the scenic spot, to camp and hike in the fresh air. The climate is nice and cool near the lakeside, and the harmony of the surrounding nature is evocative of the many poems and drawings that the area inspires. It is an ideal place for relaxing and enjoying nature.

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