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Night Life And Entertainment In Kashgar

Kashgar Nightlife - An Entertainment Guide in KashgarAfter a whole day's tour, you should never miss the nightlife of Kashgar as it is a good way to relax and understand the hidden side of Kashgar.Some visitors might want to visit bars, and others might wish to take a walk around to appreciate the night view of the city, go shopping, or visit the theatre. Whatever you choose, if you are in the mood to enjoy Kashgar’s nightlife, you will most certainly find it.
Shows and Performances in KashgarIf you want to spend your nightlife in traditional Chinese way, you can try the following places.Bars and Nightclubs in KashgarIf you want to spend your night hours in modern and western way, try these bars and cafés.There are not as many places serving alcohol and in Kashgar as in other areas of China. Several disco clubs are located in the center of Kashgar City around the hotels. 
In Kashgar, the best thing to do is to go to the bazaars, which we call them "night markets". At night, the streets around Id Kah Mosque comes more alive than the daytime with food stalls selling a smorgasbord of steaming goat stew with bobbling goats' heads, rings of intestines, and so on.
People in the night market are mostly Uygur and Uzbek who wear very different kind of clothes. Older people wear Tumak or Turban, younger people wear Doppa a four cornered Hat which is flower design or whit design and Almond with tomb design.People there are very friendly and helpful. You will find it very interesting to be together with the local people in the night market. 
Popular Activities
The Art Festival of Guerbang
The Art Festival of Guerbang also calls "festival of slaughter". This Art Festival is on Dec. 10 of Islam calendar every year. They celebrate this festival through all kinds of activities.
Uighur comprise of most people in Kashgar and the Art of Festival of Guerbang attracts many tourists from both home and abroad every year. So, since 1991, the Art Festival of Guerbang was stated as a travel festival in Kashgar by Xinjiang government and the bureau of tourist in china, and the festival will held every year. On that day, many activities were held, such as dancing and rassle. You also can visit the local people and go to the places of interesting or go to the local nursery school to see their performance by riding a horse. There is also singing and dancing and acrobatic performance at night and you can join if you want. Anyhow, there are many activities at that day. You will have a full happy day if you travel there. 
Youyihui is a festival of celebration for harvest. So, it was held in May, after the maturity of fruits. On that day, the local people will invite their friends and relatives to visit their gardens. 
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Other Entertainments and Activities
The amusement park of Mingyuan, Kashi
Location: the new century road
The bowling center of Geer
Location: No.110, Jiankang road, Kashi
Tumanhe bowling center
Location: No.5, Jichang road, Kashi
The western Mingzhu ballroom
Location: No.76, Jiefang road, Kashi
The Fenghuang ballroom
Location: No.42, Renmin road, Kashi
The Grate wall ballroom
Location: No, 63 Keziduwei road, Kashi
Yidu nightclub
Location; No.55 Keziduwei road, Kashi
Zhuangjiagang nightclub
Location: No.196 Renmin road, Kashi
Baisheng nightclub 
Location: No.25 Keziduwei road, Kashi
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