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Dining In Kashgar

Kashgar food has a long history back to the days of the ancient Silk Road. There are many kinds of food in Kashgar, such as roast whole lamb, bachu grilled fish, ququ, rice with fingers, etc.
Local Specialties:
Ququ is a kind of traditional food that is similar to wonton. But Ququ is unique in materials and production.
The making process of Ququ is easy. First, chop up the mutton. Then mix onion, pepper, salt and a little stock to make the stuffing. Wrap the stuffing in dough wrappers in the shape of squares. After boiling, add some coriander. With thin skin, lushy filling and the mutton soup with original taste and flavor, Ququ tastes really very good.
Ququ is loved by Uygur very much. You can eat it at any restaurant in the towns and villages of Xinjiang. 
Crusty pancake (Nang)
Crusty pancake, also called Nang in Chinese, is one of the main staple food of local people in XInjiang. Crusty pancake is easily portable, keeps well and of course very delicious. They cannot miss eating a Crusty pancake any day. Generally, the ingredients of a Nang include wheat flour, corn flour, sesame seeds, eggs, vegetable oil, butter, onions, milk, salt and sugar. The method of making a crusty pancake is similar to that of baked cake of Han in other cities of China. 
Baked Mutton Kebabs
Baked mutton kebabs are very famous in Xinjiang. It can be found anywhere in the streets of any city or small market town throughout Xinjiang.
The kebabs are turned continually on the charcoal fire, and when they are almost done, salt, pepper paprika and cumin are sprinkled on them according to your needs. The selected mutton is very fresh and tender, not greasy and smelly at all. 
Xingjinag baked mutton kebabs are favored by almost everyone. You will regret if you miss trying them when you are in Xinjiang. 
Roasted Buns
Roasted Buns are the food which is very popular among the Uygur people, just like Goubuli Baozi to Tianjin people and sesame seed cake with meat to Peking people. You can eat roasted buns in most restaurants of Kashgar.
The Roasted Buns, which are made of flour, are roasted in the Nang hole. Then the buns are stuffed with materials like onion, stir-fried diced mutton, pepper and cumin powder. The buns will be roasted for more than ten minutes. It is very delicious. 
Grilled Fish
Grilled fish is a traditional delicious food in Kashgar, especially Bachu grilled fish (Bachu is a county of Kashgar). The making process is easy. First, gut and clean the live fish. and cut the fish half. Then roast the fish on the fire, and add some salt, garlic, pepper on the fish. 
The grilled fish tastes really fresh and crisp without fishy odor, you've got to have a taste of the extraordinary flavor. 
Best Recommendation:
Orida has a good environment and a special style. The waitresses wear uniforms and their services are excellent. In the hall, there are people playing Kazak string instrument. If you are interested, you can try to play it. A lot of tourists at home and abroad like eating at this restaurant. Orida offers Xinjiang Noodle, Mutton Meatballs Soup, Chicken in Big Dishes, Xinjiang Rice, etc. Orida 
Chinese name: 欧日达 
Phone: 0998-2652777 
Address: No. 167 East Renmin Road, Kashgar 
Yinti Zal Fast Food
Roast mutton is a very popular fast food in xinjiang. Yinti Zal Fast Food can offer delicious roast mutton, ramen, roast steamed bun with stuffing and other flavor snacks. The specialties are Xinjiang Noodle, Dove Soup and Yogurt. This restaurant has received reputations from most tourists who have eaten there. 
Yinti Zal Fast Food 
Chinese name: 银提扎尔快餐 
Phone: 0998-2585666 
Address: West Renmin Road, Kashgar 
Delicious Cold Noodle Restaurant
Since Shiyingqingxiang Cold Noodle Restaurant was established in Aug. 1988, it always kept top quality and good taste. From purchasing materials to processing food, the initiator Shiying checked each step strictly. The Shiying delicious cold noodle, Shiying delicious cold starch noodle, Shiying cold noodle like beef tendon, Shiying delicious cold noodle, Shiying delicious bean jelly and Shiying delicious beef noodle of generation 2 become more and more popular because of their advanced processing technique, superior materials and special taste. Delicious Cold Noodle Restaurant 
Chinese name: 清香凉皮店 
Phone: 0998-2862956, 2822733, 6462188, 2681606 
Address: No. 186 West Renmin Road, Kashgar 
Mutton Soup with Dough Sheet Restaurant
This restaurant mainly offers Mutton Soup with Dough Sheet. The dough sheet is made by hand. The mutton soup with dough sheet, parsley, tomato and green pepper is delicious. The restaurant offering mutton soup with dough sheet can be found easily in Kashgar. 
Mutton Soup with Dough Sheet Restaurant 
Chinese name: 羊肉汤揪面片
Jinaoer Restaurant
Jinaoer Restaurant is a Uyghur flavor restaurant, being opened newly. It has good environment and special decoration. The tableware is top-quality and the food is delicious. Jinaoer Restaurant offers the traditional Xinjiang Rice, Ramen, roast, cooked chopped entrails of sheep, yogurt, etc. Jinaoer Restaurant 
Chinese name: 金奥尔餐厅 
Address: Seman Road, Kashgar
Chubby Lamb Hot Pot Restaurant
Chubby Lamb Hot Pot is called No. 1 Hotpot. It is different from the traditional hotpot and doesn’t offer dip. The hot pot has spicy pot and broth pot. The spicy one has spicy and cumin flavor, and the broth one has the functions of being nourishing and improving complexion. Chubby Lamb Hot Pot Restaurant 
Chinese name: 小肥羊火锅(喀什店) 
Phone: 0998-2550555, 2559066 
Address: No. 19 Xiyu Street, Kashgar
Little Blue Whale Rural Restaurant
Little Blue Whale Rural Restaurant mainly offers Sichuan Cuisine and Xingjiang specailties. Not only the services and flavor but also the environment is good. It offers Stir-Fried Fairy Tofu, Steamed Pomfret, Special Fried Chicken, Farm Smoked Meat, etc. Little Blue Whale Rural Restaurant 
Chinese name: 小蓝鲸田园农家宴 
Phone: 0998-2215822, 2215811 
Address: No. 16 Food Street at Tuanjie Road, Kashgar
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