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Drepung Monastery

Introducing Drepung Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Drepung Monastery Travel Guide
Article from Tibet Municipal Commission of Tourism

On the slope of the Wuze Hill in Genbei five kilometers northwest of Lhasa, the Drepung Monastery was built in 1416 and is the largest of the monastery of the Gelug Sect. Drepung Monastery covers and area of 250,000 square meters.

In its heyday, Drepung Monastery had more than 10,000 monks. The monastery has trained a large group of talents for Tibetan Buddhism. The Fifth Dalai Lama lived here before he moved to Potala Palace. Drepung Monastery houses plenty of historical and cultural relics and Buddhist classics. In the exciting Shoton Festival, "Sunning the Buddha" by the monastery has been one of the most magnificent religious activities in Tibet.

Every year in early August, Tibetans celebrate their major festival - Shoton, the Yogurt Festival. The most important event of this festival - Giant Buddha Show is held in Drepung Monastery.

Quick Facts on Drepung Monastery

Name: Drepung Monastery 
Location: 5Km Northwest of Lhasa
Dates: AD 1416
Best Time to Visit: March to October
Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
Opening Hours: 09:00 - 16:00
Admission Fee: CNY 50

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