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Night Life In Lhasa

There is saying by Tibetan: As long as he can speak, he can sing; so long as he can walk, he can dance. This saying reflects Lhasa nightlife can not live without singings and dances. Besides, there are many Langma halls, KTV and other entertainments in Lhasa nightlife. 
Lhasa Tang Gu La Feng Singing and Dancing Show
Langma Opera in the past was only the entertainments for high officials, but it is now in a popular style. Langma halls are regarded as the Tibetan style dance halls, which is full of Tibetan traditional flavor. When you are in Lhasa, your nightlife can not miss the Tibetan singing and dancing shows. It is definitely worthwhile to watch. The singing and dancing shows in Tibet are generally called Langma Hall. Tang Gu La Feng is one of the two most famous Langma hall in Lhasa. Tang Gu La Feng is inside the Grand Hotel Tibet opened in 1998. Its head office is in Chengdu of Sichuan Province. This company has developed many famous works including more than 170 audio-visual products. The Tang Gu La Feng Singing and Dancing Show is at present the most luxurious and most professional perform center in Lhasa. Shows in Tang Gu La Feng are varied ranging from traditional performances, the venerable, the folk-custom, Tibetan opera, and dances etc. 
Show time: in the noon started from 13:30; at night, started from 19:00 and 21:30 
Address: Grand Hotel Tibet, 67 Beijing Road Middle, Lhasa, Tibet, China 
Lhasa Rong Zhong Er Jia Perform Center 
Rong Zhong Er Jia is a famed Tibetan singer and he is the holder of this perform center. Rong Zhong Er Jia Perform Center is the other most popular Langma Hall in Lhasa. This Perform Center was established in year 2004, which had breathed into new emerge to Lhasa nightlife. Rong Zhong Er Jia Perform Center covers an area of 2000 square meters and can entertain over 1500 guests at one time. This center provides balconies, private rooms, appetizing Tibetan food and so on. Performances there featuring arty, interesting and participating are worthy of view. It is another window for people to get the knowledge of the mystery Tibetan culture and art. This perform center will enable your Tibetan trip become a worthy trip. 
Address: 25 Niangre Road, Lhasa, Tibet, China 
Lhasa Xin Shi Ji (New Century)Langma Hall 
Langma Hall in Tibetan means the "royal music". Langma halls are special cultural-amusement places in Tibet. You will be surprised to find out that Langma Halls are not the paradises for youth, but also for persons from all ages. You will often find entire family members from the old to children watching the show in Langma halls. In recent years, dozens of Langma halls have come forth in Lhasa. Xin Shi Ji (New Century) Langma Hall reposed on Beijng Road East is the biggest Langma hall in Lhasa at present. Every night, it is full of guests. Visitors there can not only watch the shows, but also can drink beer and have some food. The ambience of Xin Shi Ji Langma Hall is very lively which reflects the truly cultural environment. There are not only traditional shows, but also many modern and exotic performances. 
Address: Beijing Road East, Lhasa, Tibet, China 
Lhasa Happiness is on the Road 
(Happiness is on the Road) is a large scale Tibetan Primitive Poetic Singing and Dancing. It is the first panorama art work in Tibet and also in China, which annotates the theme of happiness and harmonious in the style of recreating primitive Tibetan art. This show featuring multi-visual angle and multi space to construct mystery, saintly and serene and unpretending stage style. The powerful performing line-up, artistic staging lighting, wonderful music and flowery performing costumes and as well the poetic intonation all together present the audiences a large charge of finding everything new and fresh. 
Lhasa Guozhuang Dance of Tibetans 
Tibetan Guazhuang Dance is a kind of happy needfire evening. This dance activity has a history of a thousand years. Guozhuang Dance is a kind of unaccompanied-collective dance, which can also be divided into lots of theme dances. When ever, in festivals, happy events, harvests, celebrations or at their leisure times the Tibetan people will dance around the needfire. Guozhuang Dance is very popular among Tibetans and often dances in the open air at night with a needfire in center. In Guozhuang Dance, people standing in a circle hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm and men for one side and women for another side. They sing and dance around the needfire from right to left. Guozhuang Dance featuring happy expression and elegant, tall and straight actions and graceful posture not only embodies the Tibetan ethnic nationalities of simple-hearted, hardworking, bravery, ebullient and unrestrained. Guoguang Dance as a folk art is now more and more popular. Many people dance it as the morning exercises.
Lhasa Cinema 
Lhasa Cinema located at the crossway of Yutuo Road and Youth Road is the only three-star cinema in Tibet. Walking from the Jokhang Temple and Potala Palace, people only need five minutes. Lhasa Cinema possesses three small halls and each hall can contain over 50 persons. There is also a bigger hall. Ticket prices ususlluy are from 15-30 Yuan. Watch the film becomes a kind of more and more popular nightlife for Tibetans. 
Address: 7 Yutuo Road, Lhasa, Tibet, China 
Lhasa KTV Discos and Clubs
There are more and more KTV parties, clubs and many other amusement places in Lhasa. And these places are more and more poplar in Lhasa nightlife. As soon as the curtain of night comes down, the KTV parties, discos and clubs becomes resplendent. Tibetans are easy to accept the colorful modern elements and are found them. Tourists can find KTV parties for Karaoke in many restaurants or hotels. 
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