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Nanjing is one of the six ancient Capital cities in China. Being the capital city of the Ming Dynasty (the first and second Ming Dynasty emperors lived in Nanjing), there used to be over 100,000 Muslims living in Nanjing 600 years old when the Ming Dynasty was first established. There are more than five mosques now in Nanjing, among which Qingjing Mosque is the most famous one. IslamiChina has summarized the following Nanjing Muslim travel tips to our Muslim brothers and sisters to travel Nanjing during a short period of time.

Tour Itinerary Planning

For Muslim Business Travelers

If you are in Nanjing for a business trip and you have one day free to travel around Nanjing, you are recommended to visit the Presidential Palace, the Mausoleum of Sun Yat-sen and the Confucius Temple. You may also join local Muslims to perform Salat Prayer at Nanjing Qingjing Mosque.

For Muslim leisure travelers

2 Days and  one Nights Nanjing Muslim Tour is the best choice for Muslim leisure travelers because this tour itinerary allows you to have enough time to know both Nanjing’s culture heritages as well as Muslim heritages. You are not in a hurry to get around Nanjing from one place to another. Please check IslamiChina’s Nanjing Muslim Tour 2 Days for details.


There is no Muslim hotel in Nanjing, you may choose to stay at international brand name hotels such as Sheraton, Hilton, Holiday Inns and dine at local Halal restaurants in Nanjing.

Halal Restaurants in Nanjing

The easiest way to find a Halal restaurant in China is to look for local mosque. Mosque is always located in the center of a Muslim community, no doubt, Halal restaurants can be found around Mosque serving local Halal food. In Nanjing, Halal restaurants are also located in other part of the city serving Southeast Asian Cuisine, local Nanjing Halal cuisine and Xinjiang Uyghur Cuisine. Lanzhou Beef Noodles can also be found in many areas in Nanjing.

Mosques in Nanjing

According to historical record, the earliest mosque in Nanjing was built in the Song Dynasty. There were 11 mosques built in Nanjing in the Ming Dynasty; 24 mosques built in the Qing Dynasty; 13 mosques built in the Replica of China period from 1911 to 1949. By 1949 there were 32 mosques in Nanjing’s city proper area and 21 mosques in its suburban counties. Currently there are 12 mosques in Nanjing. Four mosques are located in the city proper area: Jingjue Mosque which was built in the Ming Dynasty; Caoqiao Mosque; Jizhaoying Mosque and Hanximen Mosque. The rest are located in the suburban areas of Nanjing.

Money Exchange

You can exchange traveler's checks or cash at most banks, and most 5-star and 4-star hotels always have a money exchange counter. You can also get a cash advance on your credit card on ATM machine. The exchange rate all over China are the same fixed by Bank of China. To change money, you have to have your passport at hand. If you want to change money in a hotel, you usually have to be a guest there. Sometimes if you are not a guest in a hotel but need to change money there, you can just say a random room number, but this doesn't always work. Remember to keep the exchange slip well because you need this slip to change the Chinese Yuan back to your currency if you do have this need at the end of the tour. At present, the RMB is not exchangeable on the International market, so it is only usable within the country. So when you are changing money, don't change too much, because it is difficult to change back into other currencies. To change RMB back into your home currency, you must retain the exchange slips that are given to you at the bank or money exchange counter.

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