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Shopping In Nanjing

As the capital city of six Dynasties of China, Nanjing has accumulated numerous cultural and historic heritages. Souvenir in Nanjing is mainly the handicraft which can date back to thousands of years ago. Cloud Brocade (Yunjin) had been the official dress of the Ming and Qing Dynasty emperors and it represented the highest level of silk and brocade making technology in Imperial China. The gold leaf produced in Nanjing is another famous local handicraft which is less than 1/10 micron thick and has a long history dating back to 420 A.D. Gilded paintings, bookmarks, statues and other gold leaf products are available in stores of Nanjing. Xinjiekou is the main shopping area located in the center of Nanjin; Hunan Road is a better shopping street if you stay at northern part of Nanjing; Taiping South Road is a shopping street located in southern Nanjing. When you are in Nanjing, don’t miss the shops around Confucius Temple.

Local Specialties of Nanjing

Nanjing has a variety of local specialties, and among them, the most well-known ones should be Cloud Brocade and Yuhua Stones. The Cloud Brocade is one of the three famous brocade sin China. The brocade gains its name for its elegant colors and exquisite patterns. The Yuhua Stone is a unique souvenir in Nanjing. It is said that in North Dynasty, Master Yunguang gave a lecture in Jubao Mountain. When he finished his teaching, the flower rain fell down the earth and changed into Yuhua stones.



Visitors can buy authentic Cloud Brocade in Nanjing Cloud Brocade Study Institution and Yuhua Stones in Chaotiangong Antique City and Nanjing Museum. Besides, Nanjing also has some local products, such as stewed salt-preserved duck, the rose peanuts and Yuhua tea. Those local products can be found in each large scale super market. Visitors are not recommended to buy those products in sightseeing spots.


Featured Shopping Streets in Nanjing


The shopping streets in Nanjing mostly gather in Xinjiekou, Hunan Road and Confucius Temple Area. Nanjing Xinjiekou Pedestrian Street is the third largest commercial street in China, only inferior to Beijing Wangfujing Street and Shanghai Nanjing Road. It is a multifunctional street combining shopping, dining and entertainment together.



Hunan Road Pedestrian Street is situated on the northwestern part in Nanjing City. The street is 1,100 meters long and 30 meters wide. Among all the 238 stores, the excusive stores and brand name shops account for 83%. Ten years ago, the street was unknown; however, it is now one of the most prosperous shopping streets in Nanjing. Besides, Shiziqiao Street, a branch of Hunan Road, is a wonderful place for gourmets.



The Confucius Temple Commercial Area is situated on the bank of the Qinhuai River. The street is distinguished by its various commodities as well as the architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasty. The commercial area offers goods like antiques, clothes, flowers, paintings and so on.


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