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Night Life And Entertainment In Beijing

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When night falls on Beijing, you can feel both traditional and modern atmosphere here. If you favor the traditional style of nightlife in Beijing, you are recommended to enjoy Beijing Opera in theaters like Chang’an Grand Theater and Huguang Guild Hall etc. Of course, tea houses are also highly recommended, such as Laoshe Tea House. Tianqiao (Overbridge) area is also a wonderful night life option, where you can eat, drink and enjoy the folk art. If you want to spend your nightlife in a modern way, bars and clubs can satisfy you. So enjoy your nightlife in Beijing!
Peking Opera
With a history of more than 200 years, Peking Opera is a synthesis of stylized action, singing, dialogue, and mime, acrobatic fighting and dancing to represent a story or depict different characters and their feelings. Peking Opera is known as China's national opera and is widely regarded as a unique expression of the Chinese culture. The Peking Opera used to be the most popular art in China, treasured by people of all ranks. It is now under increasing impact from foreign culture and new types of media, including television, video and audio recordings, film and the Internet.
Meilanfang Grand Theater
The Meilanfang Grand Theater, the first designed especially for Peking Opera shows, was named after late Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang. Mei Lanfang was a revered figure in China, best known for his performance of female characters. His masterpiece plays include "Farewell My Concubine," "The Drunken Concubine," and "Re-commanding the Army." Located in Beijing's downtown Xicheng District, the 14.7 million-U.S.-dollar theater can hold 1,100 people in its three-storied building. The theater was designed to hold 1,100 people because we want to lower the cost to enable more audience to watch quality performances with less money," Wu noted.
Add: Financial Street, Xicheng District
Tel: 010-58331288 58331388
Liyuan Theatre
Add: No. 175 Yong'an Lu, Qianmen Hotel, Xuanwu District
Time: 19:15-20:40 p.m.
Tel: 010-63016688, ext. 8860
Beijing Huguang Guildhall
Add: No. 3 Hufangqiao, Xuanwu District
Time: 7:30 a.m.-8:40 p.m.
Tel: 010-6351 8284
Acrobatic Show in Beijing
The Chinese acrobatics has a long history and rich national flavor. It is one of the oldest performing arts most popular among the Chinese people. Chinese acrobatics ranks among the best in the world thanks to its long history, rich repertory and distinctive artistic characteristics. Beijing is a great place to enjoy high quality Acrobatic Shows in China after night falls. Theaters performing acrobatic shows in Beijing include Chaoyang Theater, Tiandi Theater and Tianqiao Theater.
Chaoyang Theater
Opening Time: 17:15 to 18:15 every night / 19:15 to 20:30 every night
Address: 36 Dongsanhuan Bei Lu, Hujialou, Beijing
Direction: 100 meters northeast of the Jing Guang New World Hotel)
Phone: 0086-10-65072421
Tianqiao Theater
Opening Time: 17:30 to 20:45 every night
Address: East Beiwei Road, Xuanwu District. Beijing
Phone: 0086-10-63037449
Tiandi Theater
Opening Time: 19:15 to 20:40 every night
Address: Intersection of Dongsishitiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Phone: 0086-10-65023984
Chinese Gongfu Show in Beijing
From Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan, Chinese kung fu stars are idols for people around the world. Kung fu is almost synonymous with China. When foreigners come here, many of them see it as a good opportunity to learn Chinese martial arts. In the capital city of Beijing, many clubs and institutions have been established to satisfy the needs of these kung fu fans. Among which, the Red Theater is most famous for its Chinese Kungfu Show of Legend of Kungfu.
The Red Theater
Opening Time: 19:15 to 20:45
Add: No. 44, Xingfu Dajie, Chongwen District, Beijing
Tel: 010-67142473
Bars in Beijing
After nights fall, Beijing is as active as it was during the day time. There are various kinds of bar streets located in different part of Beijing for you to experience Beijing’s night life: Sanlitun Bar Street, Gongti (Workers' Stadium) Bar Street, Houhai Bar Street, Chaoyang Park Bar Street, Wudaokou Bar Street and Nanluoguxiang Bar Streets. Located in the embassy district in eastern Beijing, Sanlitun Bar Street is one of the best known and most popular bar streets in Beijng and it is a favorite of Westerners due to its heavily American and European influenced bars.
Sanlitun Bar Street
Sanlitun is by far the most famous and any taxi driver in the city will know how to get you there. Aside from South Bar Street, go behind the Sanlitun market to find Poachers and Kai bar off North Bar Street. Clubs Mix and Vics are in the Workers Stadium, also in this area.
Houhai Bar Street
Houhai is famous for the hutong that surround the lake. The hutong facing onto the lake have been made into bars whilst the ones behind the lake are still inhabited and offer a sneak view into traditional Chinese living. It is a vibrant and colourful experience any time of the day or night. Check out No Name Bar and Hutong Pizza.
Wudaokou Bar Street
Wudoku is in the Haidian district and not far from HQ. It is home to many universities so there is a large foreign community. Expect to meet many North Americans and Europeans here. Try Lush on Thursday or Sunday nights and Blah Blah Bar any night of the week (can be quite difficult to find, it’s in Beijing Language and Culture University). Also check out Propaganda (club) on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Look out for PSB events advertised in the WU area.
Chaoyang Park Bar Street
Chaoyang Park is not far from Sanlitun so it’s possible to travel between the two. The World of Suzie Wong’s is the best bar in this area and is busy most night’s of the week. The Goose and Duck is styled on a British pub.
Tea Houses in Beijing
Tea is integral part of Chinese society and a mainstay of economic and cultural activity that has not waned since the days of old Beijing. Long ago, teahouses were the centre of social activity and bubbled with the chatter of people from all walks of life. In the old teahouses noblemen, imperial officials, touts and peddlers chose their teas carefully and caught up on the day.
Lao She Teahouse 老舍茶馆
Tel: +86 10 6303 6830
Address: Building 3, Qianmen Xidajie, Xuanwu District
Ming Hui Cha Yuan 明慧茶苑
Address: Dajue Temple, Bei’an He, Haidian District
Tel: +86 10 6246 1568, 6246 1569
San Wei Bookstore 三味书屋
Tel: +86 10 6601 3204
Address: 60 Fuxingmennei Dajie, Xi Cheng District
Wenshu Teahouse 文汝馨居
Tel: +86 10 8580 4341
Address: 10 Jianguolu, Chaoyang District

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