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Night Life And Entertainment In Xining

This article is about Xining nightlife. Different from the top travel destinations in China, Xining is a city where nightlife may not be passionate and exciting. In this article, you will know what you can do in this city at night during your Xining travel. It will be a good nightlife guide for traveling Xining and be useful for tourists who are traveling or going to take a tour to Xining.
Nightlife in Xining
As mentioned at the beginning of this article, nightlife in Xining is different from the one in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Guangzhou. Nightlife here is normal but also meets basic needs of people.
Visit Daxin night market to know local life
There is a famous night market in Xining. It is called Daxin Street Night Market. When night comes to this city, this market opens to its customers. It is an ideal place to taste local featured foods. Here, you can find many local specialties and many amazing snacks. Local people like to enjoy their dinner here and get relaxed from their tired work here. Traveling through this night market, you can know more about this city. It is a place to tell you the lifestyle and culture of this city. It is a place letting you get closer to local people and to know more about this city. By the way, Daxin Street Night Market is the biggest night market in Xining and the most prosperous one in this city. If you are interesting in local food and local culture, this night market is an ideal place for you.
Go to local bar street to enjoy liquor
If you are a bar animal, local bar street is the top destination for you at night. The most famous bar street in Xining is the Wenmiao Bar Street. When it is night, this bar street will be full of people who want to enjoy a crazy night in this city. Various bars and pubs are opened in this street waiting for their customers. It is easy for you to find an ideal bar or pub here as there are so many choices for you. All the bars and pubs in this street are the modern ones so you do not need to worry about the facilities and categories of wine and liquor offered here. The only thing you need to do is choosing a bar or pub in this street to enjoy a crazy night in this city.
Singing songs in local KTV to experience the most popular nightlife activity in China
KTV (karaoke house) is the most popular destination at night in China now. When it is night, nearly all of KTVs in the city will be full as singing songs in KTV has been a fashion in China. In Xining, there are many KTVs as other cities in China. Many national chained KTVs also have opened stores here. If you have not been to KTV, you must have a try. Besides, it is a place for you to know the modern culture of Chinese youths and a place to know nightlife of a city.
Watch a movie at the local theater
Watching a movie at theater at night is popular in China now. So if you take a visit to Xining, watching a movie at local theater is recommended as top thing to do at night in Xining. There are many theaters opened in Xining. They always play the newest movies. All theaters in Xining offer both English movies and Chinese movies letting people have more choices of what to see.
Do some shopping
Sometimes, daytime travel is busy so that many people cannot enjoy a happy shopping during the travel. So if you want to do some shopping, you can do it at night. In Xining, there are many department stores and shopping malls, which offer many choices for you to decide where to do shopping. Besides, categories of products in local department stores and shopping malls are rich. It is easy for you to find local brands or international brands. It is believed that shopping in Xining will be happy and relaxed.
All things above are the top things to do in Xining at night. They are good choices for Xining nightlife. If you have a Xining travel, you cannot miss them at night.
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