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Humble Administrators Garden

Built as early as the 4th year of Zhengde reign under the Ming Dynasty (1509 AD), the Humble Administrator's Garden, covering 5.2 hectares, is one of the four most famous gardens in China. It is divided into the eastern, middle and western parts. Part of the building complex has been converted for use as the Suzhou Garden Museum. Centering upon the broad expanse of a lake, the poetic and picturesque garden landscapes and waterscapes with exquisite buildings and luxuriant vegetation, which seem to be changing at every step and awakening reminiscences of the Venetian scenes in the area south of the Lower Yangtze, are archaic, rustic, extensive and naturalistic. On the whole, it has kept the style of the Ming Dynasty and has long been regarded as the finest specimen of the classical garden in the area south of the Lower Yangtze.

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