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Jiuxiang Cave

Jiuxiang Cave Scenic Region: General Introduction

Jiuxiang Cave Scenic Region is located in Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Autonomous Township of Yiliang County 90 km. away from Kunming. It is famous for its caves, mountains, rivers, deep valleys, minority customs and cultures. It has a mild climate all the year round. Its temperature is similar to that of Kunming and the average temperature throughout the year is 15℃.

Jiuxiang Cave Scenic Region includes six major scenic spots: the Green Shady Valley, the White Elephant Cave, theGoddess Cave, the Lying Dragon, the Bat Cave and the Tourist Cableway. The whole journey is about four kilometers long and the time needed is three hours.

The Green Shady Valley: it is named after its dense plants on each side of the shady river course. It is one kilometer long. Old trees reaching towards the sky and jagged rocks are everywhere on both sides of the valley, and it sends forth a kind of ancient, original, innocent and natural atmosphere. The Green Shady Valley is also called "Lovers' Valley" by the local ethnic Yi people.

The White Elephant Cave: it is named after the white-elephant-shaped cave gate. This large cave contains small caves, gorges, rivers, bridges and one ten-thousand-square meter-large underground hall. So it is also called "Hall-Styled Cave" by some cave experts .With a smooth cave roof and two steep sides, the canyon in the cave is the deepest one in China and its longest drop reaches a hundred meters.

The Goddess Cave: it is said to be the home of immortals and its original name is “Immortals Cave", typical of underground caves. Inside the cave are a good few well-developed, exquisite and beautiful stalactites, which look like pretty fairies welcoming guests. Various names are given to them such as "Fairies Welcoming Guests", "Woman Weaver", "The Fairy Coming out of Bathing", etc. It is a place with various concentrated sights.

The Sleeping Dragon Cave: it is a cave named after a dragon-shaped underground river, the Maitian River, passing through the whole cave. There are two wonderful sights in it: "Lovers' Waterfalls" and " Mysterious Field". The two waterfalls from the high rock of about 30 meters high and then meet in a deep pool of more than 10 meters deep. They look just like two loyal and faithful lovers coming from a distance hand in hand and jumping from the cliff together to die for love. That is also why the waterfall is named "Lovers, Waterfalls". The waterfalls, flowing down and sprinkling water on your face, are quite splendid. In the flood season, the two waterfalls will became one, which looks like a huge yellow dragon coming down from the cliff and produces roaring, deafening sounds. The maximum flow of the waterfall reaches more than 320 cubic meters per second, which ranks first among the cave-waterfalls inChina. "Mysterious Land" is located on a gentle slope on one side in the cave, displaying a picture of ridge after ridge, field after field, and tier after tier. Such a large-scale terraced field seems to vet created by the Omnipotent God. That is the reason why it is named "Mysterious Land". This is the only Karst field in Yunnan Province and it is extremely rare in China.

Jiuxiang Cave Scenic Region Travel Tips

Admission Fee: CNY90

Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00

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