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Xian is situated in the very heart of China’s transportation network, thus it plays a crucial role in linking the West China and the East China. It possesses a variety of modern and three-dimensional communication network consisting of flights, railroads and highways. The convenient transportation network in Xian will make your travel here comfortable and enjoyable.

Getting to Xian by Air

Xian Xianyang International Airport is located 50 kilometers northwest of Xian in Xianyang, a neighboring city. Ranked as the fourth most frequented airport in China, Xianyang International Airport is home to 68 domestic daily flights from almost every major city in China. What’s more, the airport also has well established international lines to Japan, Korea,Malaysia and Thailand totally 10 Asian cities. In 2005, it opened 7 new international airline routes from Germany,France, Britain, America and Canada via transfers in Beijing. In 2006, another 8 international routes were opened via transfers in Shanghai. Till now, this airport has a total of 25 international airline routes. Hence, Xian has become the city with the most international connections in Western China.

Getting to Xian by Train

With a reputation as “the Gateway to the West China”, Xian Railway Station is one of the most pivotal terminals of the domestic railway system. It is the key junction between the southwest and the northwest, and forms a connecting link between the east and the west of China

Getting to Xian by Long Distance Bus

The highway transportation to Xian extends in all directions. Long-distance buses commute between Xian and many large cities, covering 18 provinces and 300 cities and countries. The Xian long-distance bus line terminal, which has been ranked as the highest class station in the whole nation, lies to the southwest of the railway station. People usually buy tickets on the same day of travel. Generally speaking, though the price is much more economical, foreigners are not encouraged to take the long-distance buses due to general hardship and fatigue. If at all possible, the plane and train are better choices.

Getting around Xian by City Bus

The public transit system in Xi’an is well developed. Those various buses here can take you to every part in this city. There are three types of buses in Xi’an: the normal bus, the air-conditioned coach and minibus. In 2008, the city government opened 4 night lines and the opening hours are from 23:30 to 05:30. As a hot tourist destination, Xi’analso has 7 special tourist lines. Usually, the daily tourist bus will arrive at the scenic spot in the morning and return to Xi’an City in the afternoon.

Getting around Xian by Taxi

There are more than 10,000 taxis running in Xian. There are many taxi stops in the city zone, thus it is easy for visitors to call a taxi here. There’s one thing to be noted that the taxis in Xian only stop on fixed waiting stops. What’s more, the taxi drivers usually take a shift at 4 or 5pm everyday, thus it will be a little difficult to call a taxi at that time.

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