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Shanghai Bund

Shanghai Bund is a symbol of Shanghai. The best attraction of the Bund lies in its blocks of antique and graceful buildings. They were not designed by the same architect nor built at the same times, yet they harmonize in architectural tone and the outlines were treated so co-coordinately that no matter you walk in front of them or look at them in a distance, they all present you an air dignity, elegance, magnificence and strength. The majority of the buildings belong to the style of “restoration to the ancients” and eclecticism, except the Sassoon House (now Peace Hotel) and theBroadway Mansions (now Shanghai Mansions), which belong to the early modernist school. When you take a walk along the embankment, you will see pointed Gothic roofs, arches of ancient Greece, Baroque columns, Spanish balconies, displaying before you the rich flavor of foreign lands, so unique and attractive. When night falls and lights are on, the buildings are immersed in a sea of brilliance, each glittering like a crystal palace. Watching form the other side of the river, you will see a dazzling picture like a scene in a magnificent epic. The Bund is worthy of its name as “a gallery of international architectures”.

Shanghai Bund Travel Tips

Admission Fee: free

Opening Hours: 24 hours

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