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Client Information

Name: Ilia  Nationality: Ukrain
Itinerary: Tailor-made Chengdu, Lijiang, Guilin, Guangzhou, Zhangjiajie & Shanghai Tour 13 Days
Time of Traveling: from Apr 27 to May 9, 2019

Dear John,

Thank you for your kind email. I'm still on my South Korea tour that I started right after our China tour. Sorry for replying with a delay for your feedback request.

My clients and me personally were completely satisfied with the tour, the itinerary and the services provided by GCT. First of all, I'd like to thank you and Hannah for absolutely adequate cooperation, readiness to help in any situation and efficient problem solving. The tour guides in all the places that we visited were very positive, kind and professional. They did their best, we managed to visit all the destinations. Special thanks to all of them for the appreciated assistance during check in at the hotels. The transportation was OK, the drivers always helped with the baggage, they drove carefully and were friendly. Thank you once again for having organized the tour for my group.  

Best regards,




Client Information

Name: Martin  Destinations: Shenzhen           
Itinerary: Bus Rental in Shenzhen
Time of Traveling: Twice a year (from Sept 22, 2015-----Now)

Dear Sarah
Many thanks for your email. On my side I am more than happy with GCT service since you allocate Mr Lin who is great!!
-communication with GCT sales person: excellent, highly reactive
-bus and your driver service: Fantastic (see above)
-and your suggestions: Don't change!
Thanks again

Client Information

Name: Richard Mobilio  
Nationality: American          
Itinerary: Chengdu & Zhangjiajie Tailor-made Tour
Time of Traveling: Oct 9 to Oct 16, 2018

Dear Hannah,

In response to your request for our opinion of Grand China services, I am pleased to provide the following commentary:

1. Communications: GCT staff is very prompt in responding to inquiries, suggesting trip enhancements and providing revisions to itineraries when necessary. English capability on the part of GCT staff is excellent—like doing business with a US company;

2. Tour guides: When the tour group is fortunate enough to be led by John Zhang, owner & operator of GCT, there is no better guide. His personable and friendly style and his  knowledge of Chinese history, culture and places to visit is a great group benefit. Generally, local guides in destination cities selected by GCT are competent and knowledgable, although English capability sometimes could be improved;

3.Lodgings: Always outstanding—4 & 5-star modern hotels when chosen by GCT, and booking support for specialized accommodations when requested by customer;

4. Ground Transport: Always comfortable and first class with competent drivers who are used to local conditions;

5. Meals: Guides show satisfying flexibility in meeting group members’ requests for authentic local dining experiences. Selected restaurants invariably serve outstanding regional and local cuisine, an extremely important component of the group travel experience with GCT;

6: General: GCT is an outstanding resource for any US-based operator seeking the best in Chinese travel experiences and tour group support.

Best regards,

Richard L. Mobilio


Client Information

Name: Rebecca Vella  Destinations: Macau             
Itinerary: Bus Rental in Macau
Time of Traveling: April 29, 2017

Hi Sarah, thanks for your email.
Hi. Yes. We have just return to our country. Just want to thank you very much for your excellent service and customer service! The driver was good, the bus was clean and new, both the guide and driver were polite to us. We will highly recommend your company to our friends and family. Many thanks again.
Rebecca Vella

Client Information

Name: Anita Macedo  Destinations: Sanya             
Itinerary: Car Rental in Sanya
Time of Traveling: July 14, 2017

Hi Sarah, thanks for your message.
Hi. Yes. We have just return to our copuntry. Driver was good. he was polite and friendly to us. He knows well very about our each destination. At first I am a little worry about the communication with driver, my Chinese is very poor. He smiled all the time. Thanks very much. 
Great thanks! Definately, highly recommend your service to my friends.
Anita Macedo
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