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Name: Davina Lach   Destinations: Beijing Yunmengshan National Park                     

Itinerary: Bus Rental in Beijing

Time of Traveling: Nov 10, 2013

Hi Maria,
I would definitely recommend Grand China Travel for those who want to hire a car or van. Maria, our GCT representative answered all of my questions in well and in a timely manner. The driver arrived on time and drove at a safe speed. I gathered a few quotes before deciding to book a van with Grand China Travel. Not only was GCT the cheapest, but also very professional.
Sidenote to Maria: our driver used the GPS when driving. He was writing characters and could have driven into the fence. He should have pulled over for a few minutes when using the GPS.

Client Information

Name: Nutttaphon Koryaiglang   Nationality: Thailand  Destinations:  Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglonggou,                     

Itinerary: Bus Rental in Sichuan Province

Time of Traveling: Oct 21 to Oct 26, 2013

Dear Maria
Sorry for late reply
First of all, I have to thank you to you for helping me many things; bus, booking hotel, and help one of my group to meet us at Panda Base.
Service is very good. the car is ok (not bad and not good) and a driver, Mr Xie is very nice. He can't speak English or Thai but he try to communicate with us. He is more than a driver, he help us many things. But the first day, it is difference car and driver, he is not a driver who you have told me before (just so so for the first driver) and I think if there is anything was changed, you should tell me.
Hotel you have booked for us is very good. It is modern, clean and new, The price you gave me is ok but it is very hard to find it.
Totally we give 8 /10 score;)
You ( Maria ) and A Driver (Mr Xie)  should be appreciated from your company
If I will go to China again, pls you help me
Best Regard

Client Information

Name: Teal V. Brown  Nationality: USA

Itinerary: Bus Rental with English Speaking Guide Service in Xian, Chengdu and Yunnan

Time of Traveling: Jun 29 to Jul 05, 2013

Hello Mandy,
It was a pleasure to work with you last June to support our trip to Xi’an, Yunnan and Chengdu. We very much enjoyed working with Jewel in Xi’an and I am reaching out now to let you know that we will be returning to Xi’an to take the same journey from Xi’an to Yang Xi’an and into some rural villages. We would be grateful to have the opportunity to work again with Jewel – this time with a larger group of Chinese travelers.
In a separate email I will connect you with my colleague Julie Steinbeiss. She will coordinate with you and our colleagues who live in Yang Xi’an (and are Chinese).
With all best wishes and another email will come to you with specific introduction to Julie for next steps.

Client Information

Name: Filip Zaslonka  Nationality: Poland

Itinerary: Bus Rental Service in Shanghai

Time of Traveling: Sep 22 to 25, 2013

Dear Mandy,
thank you very much for your help.
Our transfers and trip to Zhujiajiao were perfect. 
China is so interesting! I hope we see your country one more time.
Thank you, best regards!

Client Information

Name: Patrick Teng  Nationality: Malaysia

Itinerary: 5 days Nanning Kunming tour and bus rental in Nanning & Dali

Time of Traveling: April 09 to 14, 16 & 23, 2013

Dear John,

Thank you so much for your concern throughout our trip booked through you. Your tour agency live up to it's past good reviews....which made me choose your agency.

In fact I was looking forward to just a "Good" arranged tour.....but me and my group were
very surprised at the end of our tour...that we had an "EXCELLENT" arranged one.
You and Hannah really did an "EXCELLENT" job. The arrangements were so professional.
At first, when I booked the tour through you,... some of my members thought it was rather expensive. Only when we all were there and "experienced" the holiday ... did we all realised it was indeed cheap and very reasonably priced.

We enjoyed all the itineraries...... and there was "NOTHING"....we can find to complain
or were not happy about. We all had "LOTS OF NICE SURPRISES" throughout our holiday in Nanning and Kunming.....We never expected a very good, BIG Bus,(only 16 of us) with "EXCELLENT FRIENDLY DRIVERS" in both cities and 2 "EXCELLENT TOUR GUIDEs (Nanning and Kunming). We all love them very much...... They were so helpful, friendly, cheerful, know their jobs so well, and so dedicated in their duties, that they really touched our hearts.

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts.....
we wish to say a "BIG THANK YOU" to you John and Hannah
for helping to arrange such a good, memorable and enjoyable holiday for us .

*Please show this email to your "BOSS" or "Office Section Head".

Warmest and Best Regards,
Patrick Teng & the group (15 pax)

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